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 SNORKEL: YES | DEPARTS: 8:00AMRETURNS: 4:00PM | LUNCH: YESPRICES | ASK A QUESTION?TUSA Dive boat moored at Hastings Reef Cairns Australia.



$200.00TUSA Day Cruise (Adult) Includes All Snorkel Gear, Buffet Lunch, Morning/Afternoon Tea, Guided Snorkel Tour.Snorkeling$10.00$210.00
$125.00TUSA Day Cruise (Child) Includes All Snorkel Gear, Buffet Lunch, Morning/Afternoon Tea, Guided Snorkel Tour.Snorkeling$10.00$135.00
$275.00TUSA Day Cruise (Adult) Includes All Snorkel Gear, Buffet Lunch, Morning/Afternoon Tea, Guided Snorkel Tour + 2 x Certified Dives2 x Certified Dives$10.00$285.00
TUSA Day Cruise (Adult) Includes All Snorkel Gear, Buffet Lunch, Morning/Afternoon Tea, Guided Snorkel Tour + 3 x Certified Dives3 x Certified Dives$10.00$285.00
$270.00TUSA Day Cruise (Adult) Includes All Snorkel Gear, Buffet Lunch, Morning/Afternoon Tea, Guided Snorkel Tour + 1 x Introductory Dive1 x Introductory Dives$10.00$280.00
$325.00TUSA Day Cruise (Adult) Includes All Snorkel Gear, Buffet Lunch, Morning/Afternoon Tea, Guided Snorkel Tour + 2 x Introductory Dive2 x Introductory Dives$10.00$335.00

  • Child Age is Classed from 4-14 Years.
  • Minimum Age for Child to Dive is 12 years and above.
  • To try first-time dive (Introductory Dive) You must be medically fit with No Asthma.
  • All Certified Diving and Introductory Diving Included Full Gear, like Wetsuit, Fins, Mask, Snorkel, BCD, Regs, Dive Computer.
  • For Certified Diver all dives are unguided. If you would like a guide just $10.00 extra per dive.
  • All Introductory Dives are fully guided by a professional dive instructor.
We accept VISA, MasterCard!

We accept VISA, MasterCard!



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  • Visit 2 x Amazing Reef Locations in a Day
  • Buffet Lunch, Morning / Afternoon Tea.
  • All Snorkeling Gear, Guided Snorkel Tour
  • TUSA have a Roaming Reef Permit
  • They Choose the best Reef Sites Each Day
  • Introductory Dives are fully guided by a professional instructor.
  • Certified Divers all dives are Unguided! (Great for Photographers)
  • Certified Divers if you would like a guide just add $10 per dive.
  • Certified Divers can organise a guide while out on the boat!

Full Day | Operates: Daily | Departs: 8:00am | Returns: 4:00pm | Meals: Yes Buffet Lunch | Transfers: Yes, Cost Extra

TUSA T6 Dive and Snorkel boat Cairns, Australia.

TUSA T6 Dive and Snorkel boat Cairns, Australia.

TUSA Dive are one of the longest running Cairns Snorkel & Dive Tour companies. A local family run dive company. TUSA Dive & Snorkel have a reputation for quality friendly service, an excellent purpose built dive boat with quality dive and snorkel gear and a great lunch.

TUSA T6 is a purpose built dive and snorkel vessel. It is the 6th generation dive boat in the TUSA fleet. TUSA have their boat custom built to suit snorkeling and diving on the Great Barrier Reef. TUSA Dive are an Advanced Ecotourism tour operator. Even their brochure is printed on paper from responsible sources.

Birthed on A-Finger Marlin Marina check in is at 7:40 am directly on the boat. The boat departs the marina to the Great Barrier Reef at 8:00 am.


TUSA Dive snorkelers enter the water!

TUSA Dive snorkelers enter the water!

TUSA Dive provide all snorkel equipment including snorkel, fins, mask, lycra suit, wetsuit, life jacket and pool noodles if required. TUSA Dive offer a marine presentation at the second reef site of the day. A naturalist talk on the Great Barrier Reef and all the marine animals and corals that make up the reef.

Entering the water is easy from the large hydraulic step located at the back of the vessel. The step system lowers down into the water to make it very easy to get in and out of the water. The crew is always on hand to help you in and out of the water. The crew will also give everyone a snorkel lesson on how to use the snorkel gear in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Enjoy snorkeling on beautiful brightly colored coral gardens. View many different species of soft and hard corals. You can find giant clams anemonefishes, glass fish, mauri wrasse, stingrays, sea turtles, barracuda, coral trout, bright colorful cleaner wrasse and much more.


Scuba diving from TUSA Dive Cairns Australia.

Scuba diving from TUSA Dive Cairns Australia.

TUSA dive are known as the dive boat of Cairns. A passionate dive crew with a love for scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. TUSA provide full dive gear like snorkel, fins, mask, wetsuit, BCD, regulator, and dive computer. The dive crew will give a complete rundown of all dive equipment and how to use it safely.

TUSA Dive offer the opportunity to dive unguided. This a fantastic option for experienced divers wanting to dive without a guide. Great for underwater photographers. TUSA Dive do still offer guided dives at an extra cost of $10 per person per dive. If guided diving is a must then check out Silverswift Dive & Snorkel all their dives are always guided.

Divers can choose up to 3 dives in the one day. Each dive is limited to 45 minutes. Tanks hold 200 BAR of air and generally most divers make it back to the surface with more than 50 BAR in the tank.

Unguided diving with TUSA DIve Cairns, Australia.

Unguided diving with TUSA Dive Cairns, Australia.

TUSA Dive have roaming reef permits. This allows the skipper of the boat to make a decision as to which dive sites they will visit given that days weather conditions. Highly experienced skippers know where the best dive sites are given the different weather patterns found on the Great Barrier Reef.

The first dive of the day is always the deepest and is generally on the larger drop off walls located on the edge of the reefs. Divers can find clam file shells, white tip, and black tip reef sharks sleeping in the sand, lionfish, nudibranchs, sting rays, schooling trevally, sea turtles, and sometimes moray eels. Usually, the end of each dive is spent at 5 meters just above the corals to complete the 3 minutes safety stop.

The dive crew gives a complete dive briefing before each dive with a detailed map of the site and where the highlights can be found.


Underwater photography on TUSA Dive.

Underwater photography on TUSA Dive.

The fantastic thing for Certified Divers is you can dive in your own buddy pair and navigate the reefs yourself! This is fantastic for experienced divers with Underwater Cameras. If you’re not very confident guiding yourself, you can pay for an experienced dive guide for only $10 per dive to guide you around.

The crew is very experienced with divers who have their own cameras. A dedicated dive camera bucket is allocated for all divers and their camera gear. The crew often take underwater photos so talk with the crew for any photography tips on how to take that perfect underwater shot.

Remember if you book your reef tour with us and the value is more than $450 AUD we can offer you 1 x FREE Digital Underwater Camera Hire. Once you book we will send you all the information about when and where to pick up the camera.


• Print out your travel ticket and make sure to bring it with you.

• Bring your swimwear, backpack, iPod, camera, sunscreen, hat & towel.


Return Bus Transfers from (Cairns $15.00) & (Northern Beaches $20.00)
(If your staying in Cairns The TUSA Dive Snorkel bus will come and pick you up and drop you off at your hotel.)

Introductory Scuba Diving No Experience Necessary
(This is for those people that would like to try scuba diving for the very first time, with a fully trained licensed dive instructor, need to be medically fit with no Asthma and not taking any prescription medication.)

Certified Divers Full Gear:
2 x Certified Dives
3 x Certified Dives (Special Pay for 2 Dives get 03rd Dive FREE!)

(This is for those people who already have there dive license like PADI / SSI a really great way to explore the reef. Please note all dives are guided free of charge.)

  • Departs Cairns at 8:00 am from The Reef Fleet Terminal
  • Unlimited snorkeling…all equipment and instruction supplied.
  • Informative reef presentation with Marine Naturalist.
  • 2 x Outer Barrier Reef Locations from Cairns
  • All Gear, Snorkel, Mask, Fins, Wet Suits, Lycra Suits,
  • Morning / Afternoon Tea and Beautiful Buffet Lunch.
  • Guided Snorkel Tour at the second location.
  • Returning to Cairns at 4:00pm.

You can buy photos from the on board photographer or hire on underwater camera while you are here in Cairns.

Watch TUSA Dive Snorkel Video