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Green Island The Great Barrier Reef Australia.



$93.00Green Island (Adult) Full Day Tour:
Snorkel Gear or Glass Bottom Boat0.00$93.00
$48.00Green Island (Child) Full Day Tour:
Snorkel Gear or Glass Bottom Boat0.00$48.00
$234.00Green Island (Family) Full Day Tour: 8:30am4:30pm (2 x Adults 2 x Children)Snorkel Gear or Glass Bottom Boat0.00$234.00
$268.00Green Island (Adult) Full Day Tour + 1-Helmet Dive 8:30am4:30pmSnorkel Gear or Glass Bottom Boat + 1-Helmet Dive0.00$268.00
$257.00Green Island (Adult) Full Day Tour + 1-Introductory Scuba Dive 8:30am4:30pmSnorkel Gear or Glass Bottom Boat + 1-Introductory Scuba Dive0.00$257.00

DEPARTS CAIRNS: 8:30AM / 10:30AM / 1:00PM DEPARTS GREEN ISLAND: 12:00PM / 2:30PM / 4:30PM
If you want one of these times just make a note in the comments field of the booking form.

Green Island Cairns, Snorkel Cruise Day Trip

  • Child Age is 4-14 Years
  • A Family is classed as (2 x Adults & 2 x Children)
  • Bus Pick ups are Not Included, just walk to The Reef Fleet Terminal check in 45 minutes before departure.
  • Remember to try any form of diving or helmet diving you must be medically fit with no asthma and not taking any prescrition medication.
We accept VISA, MasterCard!

We accept VISA, MasterCard!

  • Full Snorkel Gear or Glass Bottom Boat.
  • Fast High Speed Transfer Boat 45min Travel.
  • Access to Showers, Toilets and Beach, Snorkel as much as you like!
  • Please Note: You can buy lunch at one of the many cafes, restaurants on the Islands.
  • Lunch NOT Included!

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The exact age of Green Island is unknown, but best estimates are about 6,000 years old. Green Island Cruise’s offer full day and half day tours to Green Island. These Include snorkel gear or a glass bottom boat tour of about 30 minutes. (You can choose which one you would like on the day of travel)

Your day includes access to the whole Island including all the resort amenities like swimming pool, showers and toilets. There are 3 departure times to choose from please see the booking form above.

Food options on the Island: Green Island has many cafes & restaurants. You can just buy your lunch on the Island, or bring it with you. (Canopy Grill) – Enjoy cafe style lunches such as burgers, fish and chips, wraps and rolls from $12.00. (Emeralds Restaurant) – A la Carte dining with outdoor terrace and indoor air-conditioned seating from $16.00. (Lite Bites) – Icecreams, shakes, lollies and snack foods. (Reflections Pool Bar) – Refreshing cold drinks, licensed bar with full range of cocktails beers and spirits.

Did you know that in 1937 the World’s first glass bottom boat launched at Green Island!

Location: Green Island is a very unique island. It is one of 300 sand cays on the Great Barrier Reef, but it is the only one with a rainforest. Green Island and its reef is very close to the mainland, lying only 27 km (16 miles) from Cairns. The island sits on the north-western edge of the reef flat. The surrounding reef is classified an ‘inshore patch reef’.
Island Information: Sand cays are islands that form on top of existing reef structures – they are basically large piles of sand, coral rubble, broken shells and other reef debris. Wave action pushes the rubble debris into a pile on the leeward, or calm side, of a reef flat. If conditions are just right, this pile of rubble grows into a small sand island.
Climate & Weather Conditions: Green Island’s climate is tropical, with a wet season (January to March) that brings an average yearly rainfall of over 2 metres (86 inches). Mean air temperatures vary between 24°C – 31°C in summer (November – April) and 19°C – 23°C in winter (June – August). Prevailing winds come from the southeast and can reach speeds of over 35 knots. They are usually strongest in winter. 

Snorkeling at Green Island, Cairns Australia

Departing from The Reef Fleet Terminal daily is Green Island Cruises Cairns, offering 3 different ferry times, traveling to and from the island. Green Island is located just 26 klm from Cairns, it takes about 45 minutes for the ferry transfer over to the island. Spend a half or full day visiting this beautiful little island which is on The Great Barrier Reef. Snorkel from the beaches or just swim and relax on this beautiful sandy island. You can walk around Green Island in about 45min, a great way to see the untouched parts of the Island.

There is a cafe, restaurant, bar, swimming pool and a small nature park (Buy a ticket at entrance – $19.00 Adults $9.00 Children) called Marine Land Melanesia. See exciting crocodile shows, hold a baby crocodile, Tropical fish aquariums, Primative art, and Marine Artifacts on display. So you can just book your ferry transfers and enjoy your day on the island. You choose what you want to do on the Island.


Green Island Beach Walk

Green Island is great for families and children, you can easily swim from all the beaches, and the further out you swim, the better the coral gets.

Choose a blue sky sunny day to see the very best colors of the natural reef systems that surround Green Island. Be prepared for a great little day out with Green Island Cruises Cairns.

Note: There are many large schooling fish swimming around under the jetty. So if you love your snorkeling make sure to check this out!

There are also combination tours where you can visit Green Island in the morning and then visit The Outer Barrier Reef in the afternoon.


More Fun Facts about Green Island:

Marine Life on the Reef: The reef surrounding Green Island supports a diverse range of habitats and marine life.There are two significant habitats: 1. The seagrass beds in the shallows 2. the reef that starts shallow and continues into the depths. Seagrass beds support a wide range of animals, from juvenile fish that use the grass for protection from predators to large sea turtles and dugong that feed on the seagrass. The reef around Green Island has over 190 different types of hard corals and over 100 types of soft corals. 
 Plant Life on the Island: This island supports many diverse plants in a very small area. In fact, there are over 120 types of native plants. The coastline is ringed by short, scrubby coastal vegetation that can survive the dry harsh conditions along the beach. But, step a few feet in to the centre of the island, and the vegetation changes abruptly to a dense, shady vine-thicket rainforest. Coconut trees are not thought to be native to the island, but were introduced to the island in 1889 to provide food, drink and shelter for fishermen and stranded sailors.
Bird Life on the Island: Green Island attracts a wide range of birds, including land birds, seabirds and migratory birds that pass through the Great Barrier Reef on the way to nesting grounds. There are over 55 species of birds regularly seen on Green Island. Of these, 13 are seabirds and 38 are shore and land birds. About 15 types of birds regularly nest on the island.

• Print out your travel ticket and make sure to bring it with you.

• Bring your swimwear, backpack, ipod, camera, sunscreen, hat & towel.


Introductory Scuba Dive
(Try Scuba diving for the first time. Min age is 12 years. Must be Medically fit no Asthma)

Helmet Diving Sea Walking
(Great for those people who can’t swim, you can just walk around underwater)

10min – Scenic Helicopter Flight
15min – Scenic Helicopter Flight
(Scenic Helicopter Flight, experience amazing views of the entire Reef System)

  • 3 x Departure times to choose from! 8:30am | 10:30am | 1:00pm
  • 3 x Return times to choose from! 12:00 | 2:30pm | 4:30pm
  • Unlimited snorkeling…all equipment and instruction supplied.
  • You can choose from either Snorkel equipment or glass bottom boat tour.
  • Enjoy the whole island and all amenities Incl, Swimming pool.
  • Departs from The Reef Fleet Terminal

There are professional underwater camera’s crews roaming around the island that can take pictures of you and your family, they often give you the chance to buy them at the end of the day.

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