rika-05Hello. I’m Rika from Japan.

Today I’m writing about my day with the Kuranda Scenic Train & Skyrail Day Tour.

I went to the Kuranda on 17th of June. Bus pick up was 9:20a.m from the Cairns Sheridan Hotel. (The bus can pick you up from your hotel.) On that tour we had about 20 people. There were some families and couples. The driver told us about good restaurants, cafe shop and attractions of the Kuranda in the bus.

After a 15 minute drive, the bus dropped us at Freshwater Station which is the departure for the train to Kuranda. While you wait for the train, you can do shopping, eating and drinking coffee because there are souvenir shops and small cafe shop in the station.

The train started for Kuranda. The view from the train window was very beautiful!!!!! The train moves slowly, so we could take pictures very well. On the way, there were two or three superb view points. The announce guide let us know that and we could take pictures there. It was very beautiful! The train stopped at the Barron Falls Station. We could get off and see the waterfall.   We took the train about 1 hour and 30 minute in all.

We arrived at the Kuranda. We had about 3 hours free time. Kuranda is famous for Markets. There are so many cute markets which sell Aboriginal art, Kangaroo fur products, opals, jewellery and many other great souvenirs. You can explore in the Village what you want.

In the Kuranda, there are some attractions which include koalas, butterflies, birds, reptiles and something like that. If you have a time, you can go to some attractions (you need admission fee each other).  I went to Koala gardens, birdworld and butterfly sanctuary. You can take a photo with a koala in the Koala garden (extra cost). In the birdword, you can see a casaaowary. He is very colourful and beautiful. I was happy to see a cassowary.

For the lunch, it was very difficult to decide to the restaurant because there are so many nice restaurants. I want to go all of restaurants, but I went to the “PETIT CAFE CREPERIE”.  I ate a salmon and cheese creperie.  It was very delicious!  I really liked it. Next time I want to try to go to the “Frogs restaurant” that is our driver’s favourite.

The 3 hours free time ended all too soon, I took the skyrail.  I could see the rainforest from the top. It looked a bird. It was nice view. On the way, we can stop at 2 stations which are rainforest and you can explore a little. You can see the water fall there as well.

To the Smith field, it takes about 1 hour. When I arrived at the Smith field station, the driver was waiting us. He picked me up and dropped me off to my hotel around 4:00p.m.


I could feel relax because I had a free time. I saw rainforest from difference angle. I think it was a really good experience. All of them are so beautiful.  I recommend you that you should take the train and skyrail. I believe it should be a great scenic day!!!!!

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