Great Adventures Scenic Helicopter Flight


Rika at Alexander Lookout Cape Tribulation.

Hello. I’m Rika from Japan.

I joined the Great Adventures Green Island + Outer Barrier Reef tour on 23rd of June. This tour was really exciting for me because I did many activities at that day.

The boat departs from Reef Fleet Terminal at 8:30 in the morning. We need to check-in at 7:45a.m. After the check-in, I jumped on the boat. The boat was big. I got morning tea before the boat departs. There were many crews on the boat and they can speak many languages. They explained us about some activities while we arrived at the Green Island. I decided to do scuba diving.

We arrived at the Green Island, we got free time. First, I went to the dive shop and got short course about diving because it was my first time to dive! Jack taught me how to dive in Japanese. He was very funny. I was really excited to dive.

In the Green Island, there are some cafe shops and souvenir shops. Of course there is a beautiful beach and small rainforest. You can enjoy swimming, shopping, or exploring by yourself.

Normally, we jump on the boat at 11:30 and go to the Outer Reef Activity Platform. But on that day, I took a helicopter!!!!!!! I took a helicopter from the Green Island to Outer Reef Platform. It was not sunny day, but it was the amazing view from the helicopter. I never see such a beautiful view before! I was very happy!!! Unbelievable!!!

I had a lunch on the pontoon. Lunch time was from 1:00p.m to 2:30p.m, so during this time you can have a lunch anytime you want. The lunch was buffet style. Japanese curry was very nice!

After lunch, I did scuba dive. I was really scary because I cannot swim well, but the instructor helped me. He was very kind and thanks to him my feeling became relax.  At the first, I practiced at the platform about 10 min. It is not so deep. I practiced how to breathe under water. He looked me all that time and he gave me OK sign, so finally we went to under water!!!!

It was very beautiful there. It looks like another world. I forgot about my fear. I was beside myself with joy! I cannot swim, but we linked arms and he took me everywhere!  I was really excited!!!!!! I could be like a fish!

Otherwise there are many activities on the pontoon. You can enjoy snorkel, scuba-doo underwater scooter and guided snorkel tour. If you choose to stay dry, you can enjoy underwater observatory or semi-submersible.



I can recommend that you should go to the outer reef because even if you like swimming or not, you can have a good time all day and you can see amazing reefs! If you can, please try to take a helicopter! It was so nice! It was a fantastic wonderful memory. If you have any questions about Outer Reef day tours send us an email: or give us a call PH: +61 7 40411635.

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