Quicksilver Boat Port Douglas Australia

Quicksilver Outer Reef + Helmet Dive Tour Review!

Rika at Alexander Lookout Cape Tribulation.

Hello. I’m Rika.

I went to the Agincourt ribbon reefs by Quicksilver on 24th of June.

It is very far from Cairns. The boat departs from Port Douglas, so we need to go travel up to Port Douglas. Don’t worry because they have coach bus from Cairns to Port Douglas. It’s about 50 min.

Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef Cruises check in is at 9:30am in the Reef Marina in Port Douglas. After checking you just walk down to the jetty and board the vessel. Morning tea is supplied on board.. The boat was really big and very clean. They had many people. Especially there were many families.

It took about 1 hour and 30 min to the pontoon. (The pontoon is a man-made-Island.) Allot of staff and crew guided us about some activities. I decided to do helmet dive! The crew explained how to do the helmet dive in Japanese, this was great that they have Japanese speaking staff on board.

We arrived at the pontoon. There were so many beautiful reefs. We got free time about 3 hours. You can enjoy by yourself. The lunch time was from 12:00p.m to 1:30p.m. The lunch was buffet style. It was very good. You can enjoy lunch any time during served.

I joined semi-submersible first. (The semi-submersible is the small boat which has large viewing windows provides excellent reef views.) It was about 30 min trip. I could see a turtle and a shark from the windows! It was surprising.

After that, I did helmet dive. It just put on the helmet under water. Easy!!! It couldn’t believe it because I could breathe smoothly! I walked on the platform. I didn’t need to swim. The instructor showed me many fish and reefs. It was very beautiful! There are many fish!!!!! I saw a big napoleon fish.  He is very friendly.

Then, I did snorkel because I wanted to see fish more. Actually, I cannot swim well but I could snorkel by myself. There are rental swim ring and swim jackets. The crew guarding every time, so it was very safety. It was nice for children.

We departed Reef for Port Douglas at 3:30p.m. On the way, the boat stopped suddenly and gave us announced. There was a whale!!!! I was really lucky!

The bus picked me up from Port Douglas to Cairns. I got back to my hotel about 6:30p.m.


It was really good day. I didn’t know helmet diving before I had no experieince. It was a very unique and fun experience. I think it is suitable for the non-swimmer. You don’t get your hair wet and it was very easy and you get to walk around under water! It was a wonderful experience! If you are interested in a Quicksilver Outer Barirer Reef Cruise or have more questions please feel free to contact one of the reservation staff on PH: +61 7 470411635 or send an email: info@cairnstourinfo.com.au

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