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Skydiving Cairns @ 14,000ft – $255 Skydive in Cairns, Save-$15

Skydiving Cairns @ 14,000ft Tandem Skydive


$255.00 Tandem Skydive Cairns 14,000ft (Adult) 14,000ft $25.00 $280.00
$354.00 Tandem Skydive Cairns 14,000ft (Adult) + Photos 14,000ft $25.00 $379.00
$375.00 Tandem Skydive Cairns 14,000ft (Adult) + Video 14,000ft $25.00 $400.00
$384.00 Tandem Skydive Cairns 14,000ft (Adult) + Video & Photos 14,000ft $25.00 $409.00

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Skydive in Cairns @ 14,000ft

  • Skydive Cairns @ 14,000ft | 60 second Freefall!
  • Includes Bus Pick Up and Drop Off from Cairns Hostel / Hotel.
  • The Most Experienced Skydive Instructors in Cairns.
  • Add Video & Photos Just -$129 Extra!
  • Must be over 18 year and under 95kg.

Skydive Cairns @ 14,000ft: 60 Sec Freefall 5-Minute Parachute Ride.

Bus Pick: YES | Skydive Hight: 14,000ft | Departs: 7:30am | Returns: 2:45pm | Video & Photos: Extra


Skydive Cairns the ultimate Adventure holiday experience, go on challenge yourself to Skydiving in Cairns at 14,000ft! This is the highest skydive in Cairns and in all of Australia! As one of the safest and most experienced skydive companies in Australia. Tandem Cairns have been operating Skydiving in Cairns for over 20 years. With over 35 jumps per day, professional skydive instructors, state of the air parachutes and equipment. You can be sure to enjoy one of the most extreme sports in the World right here Skydiving Cairns.

One of the main reasons people choose to skydive in Cairns is because of the magnificent natural views of the Great Barrier Reef & Surrounding Mountains!


Skydiving Cairns at 14,000ft! It’s The Highest You Can Jump in Australia!


Jumping out of an aeroplane with your instructor at 14,00oft, you will experience magnificent views of the coastal mountains, these are called the Great Dividing Range. This mountain range travels down the entire East Coast of Australia. Once you have exited the aircraft, looking to the East you have fantastic views of The Great Barrier Reef, the Islands, sand cays and the entire surrounds of Cairns city. Your instructor will spin you around to give you 360 degree views of the entire Cairns region.

With two World Heritage-listed National Parks standing side by side, The Great Barrier Reef and Daintree National Park. These two National Parks are the backdrop for Skydiving in Cairns. It is the amazing natural views and the adrenaline of jumping out of an aeroplane at 14,000ft that offers an unforgettable experience you will remember for a lifetime.


What do I have to do when Skydiving?


Your skydive Cairns instructor is highly experienced. Most skydive Cairns instructors have between 5 and 10 years of experience solo skydiving & tandem skydiving. Some instructors have completed up to 8000 skydives! That’s allot of air time!


A professional instructor completes up to 5 jumps in a day. Your Cairns skydive instructor will explain and train you first thing in the morning. This takes about 20minutes, they will teach the best body fly position for a nice fun, safe skydive. Did you Know the best body fly position is the shape of a banana? That’s right Arch your back and keep your chin up this will give you a great body fly position. Using your belly as the point of the triangle, this keeps the air flow nice and smooth. This body fly position makes for a nice smooth freefall and parachute opening.


Once the parachute is open, your instructor usually opens this at 5000ft. The canopy will open above you and you can enjoy the magnificent views. This is why Cairns is so famous for Skydiving, the amazing natural views. After a 5 minute ride under the canopy, you come into land. Remember to keep your feet up in front of you, this is the safest way to come into land. You will slide in on your bum and at that point, you will have completed your very first tandem skydive in Cairns.


What Does it Feel Like?


Your Skydive consists of a 30 min training session followed by a 30 min plane ride to 14,000ft. Once at altitude you and your instructor will jump out! Followed by a 60 second free fall and then about 6 minute’s under the parachute before coming back down to land. Cairns is one of the most famous places to jump in Australia this is mainly due to the close proximity of the Great Barrier Reef, skydivers get an unmatched view of this tropical part of the world. The weather conditions are generally perfect all year round for skydiving in Cairns. But sometimes we do have our rainy or high wind periods, so this can sometimes slow the jumping down, but not for very long.


What’s the best time of the year to Skydive in Cairns?


April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November are typically the best time of the year to Skydive in Cairns. You can expect light to moderate South Easterly Sea Breezes and generally no rain.  This is a general guide and as you know weather patterns do change. Sometimes you can expect light showers or rain scattered around in these parts of the year.


During the summer month’s of January, February and March it pays to have a backup jump day planned. Just in case the day of your jump is too cloudy, windy or rainy. Summer in Cairns can get very rainy so this can slow the skydiving down. You will still be able to jump, but it means you might have to wait around on the ground for an opening in the clouds. So if you are thinking about skydiving in January, February or March. Try to have a backup day planned just in case the weather doesn’t want to play nicely on the day you booked your jump.


Frequently Asked Questions about Skydiving?


Feeling nervous or have a question? Please give us a call on our freecall 1800 833 304 or send an email and we will en devour to answer all of your skydive questions. Otherwise if you have made up your mind and wish to make the mighty challenge of skydiving Cairns then push the big blue button on the top right and get ready for an adrenalin pumping day Skydiving in Cairns, Australia.


What is the AFF Levy?


There is always a skydive levy no matter where you jump in Australia. These monies raised help the Australian Parachuting Federation run and monitor all skydiving activities here in Australia. They help educate drop-zone owners and skydiving professionals.


Remember everybody that wants to Skydive must be over 18 years old and under 95kg.



• Print out your travel ticket and make sure to bring it with you.
• Wear comfortable clothes and shoes on your feet, don’t forget to bring your smile!


• Skydive Photos – $99 (Receive around100 photos from your entire jump)
• Skydive Video (Handi Cam) – $120 (Your instructor will film you with a wrist cam GoPro HD Camera, A great way to capture your entire jump)
• Skydive Video & Photos – $129 (Receive both your skydive video filmed on the wrist handi cam and also all the photos from your jump)

  • Bus Pick up from Your Hotel / Hostel – 7:45am
  • Return Back to your Hotel around 1:30pm
  • 30Min Instruction to teach you how to free fall
  • 20 Min Airplane ride to get you upto 14,000ft
  • Once at Altitude you and your instructor will jump
  • Free fall for over 60 secs
  • Parachute Opening
  • 5 min Canopy ride down to land
  • Safe landing at The Drop Zone
  • Enjoy the rest of your day!

Watch a video of how your day will go: Watch Skydiving Cairns Video