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 DIVES: 15 | DEPARTS: THURSDAYS | RETURNS: MONDAYS | ALL MEALS: YESPRICES |   Check Availability Osprey Reef Coral Sea Dive Expedition

Spirit Of Freedom – 4 x Day Coral Sea LiveAboard Shark Dive Expedition Cairns Australia

Coral Sea Liveaboard Spirit Of Freedom | RATING – 5 / 5  Read Trip Advisor Reviews


$2,050.00Quad Share Private Bathroom Includes Chef Prepared Meals + FREE Underwater Camera Hire15 x Dives$20.00$2,070.00
$2,375.00Twin/Double Private Bathroom Includes Chef Prepared Meals + FREE Underwater Camera Hire15 x Dives$20.00$2,397.00
$2,700.00Stateroom (Double Bed) Private Bathroom Includes Chef Prepared Meals + FREE Underwater Camera Hire15 x Dives$20.00$2,720.00
$2,700.00Ocean View Standard (Double Bed) Private Bathroom Includes Chef Prepared Meals + FREE Underwater Camera Hire15 x Dives$20.00$2,720.00
$2,950.00Ocean View Deluxe (Double Bed) Private Bathroom Includes Chef Prepared Meals + FREE Underwater Camera Hire15 x Dives$20.00$2,970.00

Coral Sea Dive Expedition Osprey Reef

Please Note: Full Gear hire is just $160.00 Please Note: PADI Advenced Course add $265.00. Please Note: PADI Nitrox Course & Fills add $295.00. Please Note: Nitrox Fills Package add $105.00.

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4 x Day Coral Sea LiveAboard Shark Dive Expedition Cairns Australia


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  • Many Room Options Available
  • Quad Share Private Bathroom
  • Twin / Double Private Bathroom
  • Stateroom (Double bed) Private Bathroom
  • Ocean View Standard (Double bed) Private Bathroom
  • Ocean View Deluxe (Double bed) Private Bathroom
  • Includes: Full Chef Prepared Meals
  • Scenic Flight 15 x Dives Includes Osprey Reef Shark Dive!

Diving at Osprey Reef North Horn Shark Dive

A divers dream is a liveaboard dive trip to the Coral Sea and Osprey reef. Spirit of Freedom offer a luxury liveaboard dive experience to magnificent Osprey Reef. Embark on a 4 day fly dive expedition on one of Australia’s best liveaboard dive boats, Spirit Of Freedom.

Departs: Thursdays
Returns: Mondays

Departing Cairns by small aircraft on a Thursday morning you will fly just 1000ft above the outer barrier reef to enjoy magnificent views of the ribbon reefs all the way to Lizard Island. Here you will join Spirit Of Freedom and meet the crew ready for the next 4 days of diving.

Dive Osprey Reef: North Horn Shark Dive:


Twin / Double Cabin on Spirit Of Freedom

After lunch enjoy your first dive on the Northern Ribbon Reefs. Spirit of Freedom will then set sail for the amazing Osprey Reef, located just over 100 miles from the mainland Osprey Reef is famous for the Shart Dive. Osprey Reef is a pinnacle reef system that sits in about 1000m of water and rises all the way to the surface. On the edge of Osprey Reef there is the Northern Dive site called North Horn, it is here that the shark feed takes place in about 18m of water.

Once you drop into the water and start to head down the line you will be overwhelmed by the amount of sharks circling in the water, they know the feed is coming so they come from many miles to interact with the divers and grab a bite to eat. At this point you will understand why we call it the Shart Dive! Please see definition of a Shart – Click Here

Generally large Grey Whaler Reef Sharks are seen along with White & Black Tip Reef Sharks and sometimes the giant Hammerhead can be seen coming in for a visit. As the premiere dive liveaboard here in Australia Spirit of Freedoms Shark Dive Expedition is a dive journey for adventurous divers at heart.

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• Print out your travel ticket and make sure to bring it with you.

• It is always recommended to take our full comprehensive dive insurance when scuba diving.

• Bring your Dive Certification Card, log books, swim wear, backpack, ipod, camera, sunscreen, hat & towel.

•  If you have your own dive gear bring it along, if not you can hire full gear on the booking form. See below:


• Return Bus Transfers from Cairns City Hotels  are Included!
(In the booking form just put your hotel name so we can arrange the bus to pick you up.)

• If you need Full Gear Hire just – $160 for the whole 4 days.
(If you bring your own gear you dont need to hire gear. )

• PADI Advanced Coarse – $265
(If you are an open water diver would you like to upgrade to your advanced course? )

  • 4-Day / 3-Night Dive Adventure on The Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea Osprey Reef
  • All Chef prepared meals are included, breakfast, morning/afternoon tea, lunch & dinner.
  • Join the famous shark dive at osprey reef, voted the number one liveaboard in Australia
  • Large restaurant area, lounge area for relaxing.
  • Air-Conditioned Rooms and Lounge Rooms
  • Scenic Flight from Cairns to Lizard Island – Great Views

You can buy photos from the on board photographer or hire on underwater camera while you are here in Cairns.

Watch Spirit Of Freedom Coral Sea Shark Dive Video